We empower actors
to live their intention.

Intentional Acting is not a theory or philosophy, it is a practical, repeatable technique that empowers actors to unlock the script and unlock their soul.

How do we do that?

By teaching the skills of acting. The skill of acting is doing. Character, feelings and emotions are not skills – they are the by-products of doing.

The “doing” is having an intention – to make the other person in the scene do or say something. When an actor is focused on their intention – character, emotions, and feelings will all naturally come. 

Over many years of studying actors and acting as a director, actor, teacher and coach, I have found that the foundation of acting is intention. Thus the name: Intentional Acting.

The Three Pillars of Intentional Acting

The 8 Keys of Intentional Script Analysis

The Intentional Script Analysis allows you to run through any script with confidence. Imagine following a simple process that will help you prepare for any script, even if you only have 2 minutes to get ready.

The 9 Questions of Intentional Acting

The 9 Questions of Intentional Acting are the acting principles found in all major acting techniques. These principles are formed into questions that will trigger the actor to make immediate experiential choices.

The 10 Tools of Intentional Comedy

Worried you’re not going to get a laugh?  Worry no more! The 10 Tools of Intentional Comedy are objective, practical and specific tools that find the joke and get the laugh, regardless if you’re naturally funny or not.

How long does it take to get results from Intentional Acting?

I’ve had actors get immediate results. They answer the 9 Questions then book a job. This is great. But there is more to Intentional Acting than just answering the 9 Questions and there is more to acting than nailing one audition.

Being an actor is like becoming an athlete, a dancer or a musician.

If you’re an athlete you learn the rules of the game, train your body to be in top condition and practice the game. Then they put that all together and make decisions, intuitively and in split seconds, under high pressure. Acting is the same.

Dancers learn technique, choreography, and musicality, then bring their personality to their performance. Dancers who only focus on technique, don’t take our breath away. If they don’t have technique their skill level is limited. Just like Acting.

Musicians learn how to play the instrument, read sheet music and then play the instrument and read the music, then memorize both and bring their soul into their performance. Actors do the same thing.

An athlete, dancer or musician wouldn’t even try to compete in the top of their field without practice thousands of hours and having a coach by their side. Neither should an actor.

An athlete can learn and play a sport almost immediately, does that mean they’re ready for the Olympics? Auditioning in Hollywood is like being in the Olympics. Stuart Stone Casting says that over 3000 actors are submitted for every role.

The 3 Pillars of Intentional Acting is how you learn to play your instrument, your script is your sheet music and your audition is an Olympic performance. Be prepared. Get the right tools and practice.

Where did the 9 Questions and 3 Pillars of Intentional Acting come from?

As a teacher I thought if acting is doing then how do you act?  How do you be the character? That’s being not doing – so – how do you do that?  I found myself going back to what I was taught: objectives, listening, experiences, stakes. You’ll notice that the 9 Questions are not revolutionary – as much as I might like to think they are.  Basically they are the foundational concepts of all the major acting techniques. My twist is that I asked: “How do you do that?”

As I taught, I noticed that most actors ask themselves questions, such as, who is my character and what do I want?  These questions lead them to focus on themselves. I remembered that in my best acting moments – the other person was the most important person in the scene.  

 Next, I thought, “Our minds are like Google, when we ask a specific question then we get a specific answer.” Since acting is all about specificity, I turned the acting concepts into questions and used them when I was teaching and directing.  

My actor’s performances became more specific, connected, and compelling.  I also noticed that the 9 Questions worked in a specific order – I venture to say somewhat scientific and mathematical – of which I am neither. When we worked them in that order the actor could repeat their compelling performance.

As the 9 Questions evolved The 8 Keys of Intentional Script Analysis and The 10 Tools to Intentional Comedy evolved become the three pillars of Intentional Acting.  (Yeah, I seem to like numbers ) Stay tuned and we’ll see what comes next!

Intentional Acting is a practical, repeatable acting method.  Come try a Free Class and give the technique a trial run – see how they work for you.


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