As an Acting Coach, I was featured in the movie The Hollywood Complex – finally in front of the camera!!!  

And I am grateful to be as listed as one of the Best Acting Coaches in the United States in the book Showbiz: Illustrated Times and Lives of The Greatest Names in Cinema.

In January 2019, I begin teaching On-Camera Acting for the Senior Acting Class for the University of Texas, Austin, in Los Angeles.  

It has been my pleasure to watch my students grow and fulfill their dreams.  The same dreams I had as a child.

I was a young actor, producer, and director.

My training began at the age of five as a dancer, actor and musician. My dream was to act on television.  My elementary school didn’t have drama, but I wanted to act. So in 4th grade, I produced The Sound of Music. From then on, I auditioned for any school plays I could, but I’d always be asked to be the director or choreographer.

I was going to become a serious theater director.  I was never going to sell–out to TV and film. (Oops, look at me now!)  

I studied Shakespeare at Middlesex Polytechnic in London and majored in theatre at the University of California, San Diego where I met esteemed avant-garde theatre director Anne Bogart.

Anne invited me to join her as a graduate student at the Tony Award winning Trinity Repertory Theatre.  Viola Davis, Richard Jenkins, Peter Gerety, Del Roy Lindo were just a few of the actors who performed while I was there.

My Master’s Degree was focused on directing, but I was fully trained as a classical actor as well. I performed Shakespeare, Ibsen, Moliere, as well as, contemporary plays. I studied Linklater Voice; Alexander Technique; various dance and movement classes; and Improvisation.  I also directed several plays a year. I was in heaven.

While working on my Master’s thesis I directed in local theatres, plays such as a revival of Broadway’s The Kathy and Mo Show, Dario Fo’s We Won’t Pay! We Won’t Pay!, and the Humanifest success, Keely and Du – all to critical acclaim.

While finishing my Masters, I started teaching to supplement my income.  I taught acting, writing and directing at children’s theaters and summer camps in New England.  At one camp I directed Chris Evans – who grew up to be Captain America. The first student I privately coached was cast as Sarah Pope in the movie “The Crucible” with Daniel Day Lewis.  Other students I coached went on to the acting programs of NYU Tisch, Emerson, UCLA to name a few.

Then I moved to LA to pursue television.

I was an Observing Director on the sets of Boston Public, Providence, Strong Medicine, The Practice and General Hospital.   In 2000, my original production of Juggling Scrod, produced by the Theatre of Hope, was nominated for seven awards, including Best Director, for the Valley Theatre League’s Artistic Director Awards.

I fell in love with my husband and directing film when I directed and produced my first film, Surprise.  I was one of eight women chosen to participate in The American Film Institute’s Directing Workshop for Women.

Next, I produced and directed my second film, Cries from Ramah, which went on to win several awards at national film festivals and to qualify for the Academy Awards in the Best Short Film Category. 

As we began our family, I started teaching acting to young actors.

I was just discovering what would become Intentional Acting. I developed the technique while teaching acting classes and directing on set.  I was hired to direct a pilot for a children’s show The Wiz Kidz www.thewizkidz.com and a feature film with Justin Shilton (Little Miss Sunshine, Aviator) Josh Alba (Dark Angel, Monk, The Division) and Dennis Haskins (Saved by the Bell, Men of a Certain Age).

When I was invited to teach at the SAG/AFTRA Conservatory, Intentional Acting expanded to offering classes for adult actors.  

While I raise my son, I also nurture my second child: Intentional Acting.  

I’m so grateful to be able to share it with you.


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