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Adult Classes

Tuesdays 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Thursdays 10:30 am to 1:30 pm

Class Limit: 10 students

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Our job is to teach actors how to prepare so that when the opportunity comes, the actor knows what to do with the sides, the role, and themselves, in order to turn that opportunity into a success. We teach actors “how to fish” versus “give them the fish.”  

Intentional Acting ongoing acting classes are designed to either put you to work or keep you working. We believe that class should be the place to practice the skills and tools you need for auditions, working on set, taking meetings.  

 All classes are on-camera and you will receive current shooting sides. You are guaranteed to get up and practice your craft at least two times a class.

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How we do this…

The first twenty minutes are committed to a warmup, developed by Loren, which integrates Alexander Technique, Linklater Voice Technique, and mindfulness.  This is followed by a ten minute discussion or introduction to a topic related to the 3 Pillars of Intentional Acting and/or industry related topic – according to the Intentional Acting curriculum.

The next hour of class is devoted to on-camera auditioning. You are given sides the day before class. In class you will audition on-camera.  The class will breakdown the script using the 3 PIllars of Intentional Acting and review their work on camera. Students are taught how to watch and assess their own performances objectively.  Sides are current and vary each week and include anything from a co-star in a comedy to a dramatic lead in a film.  

The last part of class is for you, individually, to focus on material that challenges and serves your career.  You are required to bring in your own material which may consist of: self tapes to rehearse, audition material, CD workshop scenes, monologues for industry meetings.    

The class environment is positive, non-competitive, and fun with a commitment to learning.

Greg Hobson -Director and Editor, Amazon


Every quarter ends with a studio-wide Industry Day – a mock audition and feedback with an industry professional. Industry Days are for educational purposes only. Teachers are able to observe the students in a audition setting and gain insight on how to help the student further.  Previous industry guests have been directors, producers and casting directors from major production companies including Amazon, Paramount Studios. We also invite industry leading agents and managers.


You are discouraged from rehearsing scenes with other actors as there are no rehearsals on film or television sets. You are expected to use the 3 PIllars to prepare your sides and to spend your time outside of class learning the 3 Pillars and choosing and preparing material for class.


Classes are ongoing. They are designed to keep actors working on their craft on a weekly basis. The year is broken into four quarter themes based on the Intentional Acting Schedule of Curriculum. Instruction is individualized to the students own pace.  Therefore, students can join at anytime.


Intentional Acting classes are kept small and intimate and we find that auditing disrupts the paid student’s experience. Intentional Acting does not offer audits. If you’d like to find out if Intentional Acting is right for you – Sign up for a Free Class.

A student completing the one-year program will walk away with…


The ability to think and respond on the spot so when:

  • Casting gives you new sides – you can prepare in minutes.
  • Something throws you off – you use it to throw yourself into the scene.  


You trust yourself, your choices, and your preparation:

  • The amount of time you have to prepare is insignificant because you know how to use your time whether it is three minutes or three weeks.
  • You watch your self tapes, know what needs adjusting, do it, and feel good about the result.


The Three pillars of Intentional Acting

  • Within just minutes, and a few reads of the script you memorize your lines.
  • Within minutes, you get out of your head and into the scene
  • You unlock the script and unlock your soul

Whether you have three days, three hours or three minutes to prepare for your audition, Loren’s techniques can empower any actor to approach any audition with confidence. Shortly after beginning to study with Loren, I booked two major projects, and had multiple callbacks for others. Loren can help get you past your fears and start living your dream.

Curtis Webster

Legion, This is Us, Lifeline, My Crazy Ex

Loren has a natural ability to help actors find that deep personal connection to the writer’s work and investigate what it is they want to say through a writer’s material. She’s all about finding the “fun” that actors feed off of! I would definitely recommend every actor have the opportunity to work with such a talented, nurturing, and passionate acting coach like Loren.

April Hong

Desperate Housewives, ER, 90210, General Hospital, Kung Fu Panda

Thank you for bringing back my confidence! As you always say, “Acting is SIMPLE, it’s not EASY”  By using the 9 questions of Intentional Acting, I now approach my cold readings from a more calm, grounded place.  I’m beginning to trust the simplicity of it more and I’m really connecting in my auditions.

Kevin Gardner

Big Little Lies, Ten Days in the Valley, Roseanne, Tracey Takes On…, Cybill, General Hospital

Intentional Acting helped revive my career and I’m so grateful to have found a teacher who motivates and inspires me. When being good is just not enough, Loren’s practical tips and 9 Questions gave me the tools to put the exceptional with in my reach. Loren celebrates my passion and drive for acting and I’ve been rewarded with a wider range of roles and performances that have received unprecedented accolades.

London May

Brutal Realty Inc., Verotika, True Nightmares

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