Intentional Acting


Craft of Acting

The Three Pillars of Intentional Acting

The 8 Keys of Intentional Script Analysis

The Intentional Script Analysis allows you to run through any script with confidence. Imagine following a simple process that will help you prepare for any script, even if you only have 2 minutes to get ready.


The 9 Questions of Intentional Acting

The 9 Questions of Intentional Acting are the acting principles found in all major acting techniques. These principles are formed into questions that will trigger the actor to make immediate experiential choices.

The 10 Tools of Intentional Comedy

Worried you’re not going to get a laugh?  Worry no more the 10 Tools of Intentional Comedy are objective, practical and specific tools that find the joke and get the laugh, regardless if you’re naturally funny or not.

In each class students will be learning and practicing The 3 Pillars of Intentional Acting as well as on-camera techniques. To prepare our students for working in the Industry, class material  will also include these “Business” areas of focus:

Pilot Season and Film: Part I

1st Quarter: October – December

  1. Understanding Pilot Season
  2. Preparation
    • Headshots, Resumes, Reels, Websites
  3. Agents and Managers
Pilot Season and Film: Part II

2nd Quarter: January – March

  1. Auditioning
    • Lead Roles, Series Regulars, Recurring Roles
  2. Establishing and creating character arcs
  3. Audition Process
    • Self Tape or Pre-read, Audition, Call Back, Producers, Network, Screen Test, Chemistry Read
  4. Researching for Pilots and Film
  5. Preparation
    • 10 pages in less than 24 hours
Keeping up your Craft

3rd Quarter: April – June

  1. Prep for representation
    • Monologues, Cold Readings
  2. Being ready even when it’s slower
    • Casting Workshops, Reels
  3. Prep for Episodic Season, Commercials, Film
    • The 9 Questions of Intentional Acting for Commercials, Studio and Blockbuster Films
Episodic Season and Commercials

3rd Quarter: July – September

  1. Auditioning
    • Co-Stars, Guest Stars, Recurring Roles
  2. Independent Films


Download The 9 Questions of Intentional Acting

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