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Intentional Acting offers Private Coaching for last minute auditions and for students who prefer to work one on one.   If it’s your first time with Intentional Acting, ideally we prefer that you schedule a coaching without the pressure of an audition so you can learn The 9 Questions of Intentional Acting.  

If it’s a last minute audition, that’s okay too. We can still help you to unlock the script, and show up prepared and ready to own the room. We keep all audition information and sides confidential.

You Don’t live in Los Angeles?  – No worries we work with students all over the United States and the world.   We use Zoom Technology or Facetime. When you schedule the session, you will receive a link to download Zoom.  Sessions can be recorded.

Got an audition right now?

Here’s what you do:

  1. Schedule a one-hour session below.
  2. Email  the audition breakdown and sides to: [email protected]
  3. Download the 9 Questions, then
    • Answer the questions to the best of your ability.
    • Research the project – Network, Producers, Directors, Writers, etc.
    • Understand every word, memorize thoughts – not words.

Last minute audition and can’t find a slot to match your schedule?

Text Loren now at 818-325-5752

Not seeing what you need? Schedule a Free 20 Minute Phone Session with Loren Now.

We can coach you and refer you to a self tape house or you can bring your own recording device (Smartphone or Video camera). We provide the coach, the reader, and the lights.  You then take the taped material home to edit, upload, send. Intentional Acting DOES NOT edit, upload or send self tapes.

  1. Schedule a session below:
    • Coaching and referral to taping facility (CLICK HERE)
    • Self Tape – Coaching and Taping at our location
    • 1 page (1 hour minimum)   (CLICK HERE)
    • 5 pages (1.5 hours )            (CLICK HERE)
    • 5 + pages (2 hours)             (CLICK HERE)
  2. Email  the audition breakdown and slides to: [email protected]
    • Download the 9 Questions of Intentional Acting, then
        • Answer the questions
        • Research the project
        • Understand every word, memorize thoughts – not words

      Not seeing what you need? Schedule a Free 20 Minute Phone Session with Loren Now.

      1. Single Private Coaching –
      2. Weekly Private Coaching (minimum of 6) (Click here)
      3. Get an Assessment: a single one – hour coaching to assess your current acting skill level and get Loren’s opinion on what’s missing and holding you back.
      4. Career Consultation: Headshot and reel material review included. In person or over the phone, have a conversation with Loren to discuss career goals and concerns. Get feedback, guidance and resources for your marketing materials and plan of action.  Click Here
      5. Prepare for a Role: For actors who are already cast and want help preparing their role for shooting. (Click here)

      Not seeing what you need? Schedule a Free 20 Minute Phone Session with Loren Now.

      We had been told to breakdown a script and find the beats but we never understood how to.  The 9 Questions of Intentional Acting made it perfectly clear and now we understand the script and can find all the clues. Loren taught me things I’d never heard in other classes – things that helped us book a series regular and a feature film.

      D’Ambrosio Twins

      Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, Dawn; The Young & The Restless, Criminal Minds

      OMG, your coaching took me to the next level!!! I gave the read of my life at the audition. All in all it was solid all around. My monologue was so connected that when I finished it I was shaking. What an experience!! I don’t care what happens with the part because I made a major breakthrough in my acting. That’s all that really counts. You are the best!!!! Thank you!!!” (He booked the job!)

      Ara Anton

      Something’s Gotta Give, CSI:NY, Ghost Whisperer, How I Met Your Mother, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Private Practice

      THANK YOU! Juilian knocked his audition out of the park. He remembered every word even though he only spent a half hour with you and the script.  You’re amazing!!!

      Dawn Cardenas, Juilian’s mom 

      Loren is great!  Intentional Acting has made me a more flexible actor. I feel good doing comedy and drama. And after every audition that I’ve worked with Loren, at the very least, I get a callback.

      Mackenzie Sol

      Boys, Puppy Star Christmas, Bucket List, Princess in Di-stress, The Dumping Ground

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