Curtis Webster

Whether you have three days, three hours or three minutes to prepare for your audition, Loren’s techniques can empower any actor to approach any audition with confidence. Shortly after beginning to study with Loren, I booked two major projects, and had multiple callbacks for others. Loren can help get you past your fears and start living your dream.


Legion, This is Us, Lifeline, My Crazy Ex

Khalid Rivera

I’ve been booking more roles because of our two online coachings.  Your 9 Questions to analyze a scene is a true gift!  I’m now able to easily read a scene once or twice and know what it’s about. This is vital when last minute script changes occur. TV is extremely fast paced.  Thank you Loren!   


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Pose

Eve Moon

Loren is a very knowledgeable and inspiring teacher and coach! She has taught me how to trust myself and move into a more creative and freeing place where my acting has so much more room to grow. I have definitely become a better actress because of her!


The Millers’, ‘Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, & Dawn’, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The Intentional Acting approach that Loren takes to help actors find their authentic intentions was a major spark to my daughter’s growth.  Loren has a real gift for communicating and bringing out the best in actors. My daughter booked numerous jobs since working with Loren.  I highly recommend Loren!

Nannette Reilly, Mother of Julia Reilly

Intentional Acting is truly remarkable. Because of Loren, I am a completely different person in the audition room; I have gained the confidence and comfort that is so crucial when putting yourself out there. It is with what I applied from my learning at Intentional Acting that allowed me to book my first ever co-star role on FX show Snowfall! I couldn’t have done it without Loren and her amazing technique!

Stephanie Vargas

Snowfall, Sessions

Loren has been able to help my daughter Athena connect to the script in ways I’ve never seen her do before. Her process gives an excellent foundation for any actor to give a wonderful performance!

Viliami Katoanga, mom of Athena

Making a Model

Loren has a natural ability to help actors find that deep personal connection to the writer’s work and investigate what it is they want to say through a writer’s material. She’s all about finding the “fun” that actors feed off of! I would definitely recommend every actor have the opportunity to work with such a talented, nurturing, and passionate acting coach like Loren.

April Hong

Desperate Housewives, ER, 90210, General Hospital, Kung Fu Panda

After one session with Loren, Jessica was able to breakthrough and really connected to the character and have an “ah-ha” moment.  Jessica went to the callback and booked her very first made for TV movie role.  She knows how to pull those innermost feelings out of a child and help them to use them to fully connect to the character.  We have worked with many coaches in LA but Loren has that “special touch.

Jennifer Pressley, Mom of Jessica

American Horror Story, Teachers, Alexa & Kate

OMG, your coaching took me to the next level!!! I gave the read of my life at the audition. I made a major breakthrough in my acting and booked the role. You are the best!

Ara Anton

Something’s Gotta Give, CSI:NY, Ghost Whisperer, How I Met Your Mother, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Private Practice

Ben’s new agent paid him a great compliment on his reading, so I just wanted to thank you for teaching him how to read for an agent and for an audition. The confidence you’ve given him just got him a job as a Calvin Klein model!

Ginny Etheridge, mother of Ben Etheridge

IMTA 2009 New York Overview Runway Model

Loren helped me overcome the biggest obstacle of all: Myself! This allowed me to focus on the real work of acting.

Max Grodenchik

Bruce Almighty, Apollo13, Six Feet Under, Sister Act, Star Trek, Six Feet Under

A year ago, when my son started acting classes with Loren, he lacked confidence, he had performance anxiety, he mumbled and avoided eye contact with other people.  Just last week, he booked a supporting role in the Feature Film, Sacred Oath.  This role will become a lead role in the sequel film.  He couldn’t have done this without Loren’s teaching and coaching.

Nina McArthur, mother of Taro and Kieran McArthur

Sacred Oath, Winter’s Blood

Loren’s classes are a once in a lifetime experience that leave you wanting more.  She teaches you techniques that other classes don’t. Loren is a very wonderful, open, and caring person.  She makes you reach goals you never thought you could.

Jonathan Robinson, 16

Norbit, Power Rangers, Without a Trace, The Guardian

I had my first real audition today and I internalized the script really well.  I worked with the 9 Questions naturally. They popped up in my head like I was working with the 9 QUestions for ages. In the audition casting switched up a couple of script lines and made me forget my queues and order, but luckily right there on the spot the 9 QUestions helped me through it and I was proud of myself for not forgetting to pick up my queues. I know I could have done better but this is my first and I wanted to thank you because your technique worked fantastically even though I was shaking like a chihuahua.  Thank you so much.
Julie Hernandez, 14

After taking Loren’s class I felt confident and was able to prepare with the 9 Questions. Due to Intentional Acting, when Casting Director give I am able to apply Loren’s suggestions from her valuable course.  
Isabella Balbi: American Crime Story - People Vs. OJ, No Child Left Deprived, Unlimited Gap Commercial

I cannot say enough about Loren Chadima as acting coach for my daughter, Kayleigh.  Loren’s Intentional Acting approach to training gave my daughter a new method for bringing out the best in her talent.  In the short duration of the summer months, Kayleigh learned new approaches to comedic timing, how to better relate scripts to real emotions, how to become (not just act) the character, and more.  She learned how to approach a role and script with intention and further to self evaluate her performance and put her reflections to use toward improvement.  Most of all, training with Loren reignited Kayleigh’s love for acting and her confidence as an actress.  Thank you Loren!


Bridget Ruller


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